Patient Info

You are important to us!


Please call to schedule an appointment. This allows us to plan-out patients adequately so that each individual patient can have the necessary time they require with the physician.

If you are a NEW PATIENT to our practice, please bring a list of all your medications as well as a picture I.D. and your current Insurance card(s)

Telephone Calls to the Office…
We welcome your telephone calls and encourage you to call our office if you have any questions or concerns, so that we may properly address any situation.

Sick??? Not Feeling Well???
If you need to make an appointment, our office staff looks forward to assisting you. Dr. Patron not just prefers but insists on addressing Patient(s) needs as soon as possible, usually within the same day.

Therefore, we ask that when calling for a sick visit, please call us as early in the day as possible.  We open our doors and answer our phones as early as 8:00am, so that we may accommodate you and you may be seen that same day.

Cannot make it…

If you need to cancel an appointment, please call the office as soon as possible.  Twenty-four hour notice is preferred, so that we are able to fill that time slot, for other patient(s) whom require or may have a necessity for an urgent visit. 

Test Results…
Our office will call you with any "Abnormal" lab test results as soon as the Doctor has received, reviewed, and documented your chart with the results. If all lab tests are "Normal" we will not call you, but results will be automatically made available for you to view on your personal and secure Patient Portal.

If there are incomplete or pending test(s), we would not call until everything has been received and reviewed.

If you wish to call the office for test results, you may do so during regular office hours. We will respond to your call as quickly as possible. Please understand that when we are seeing patients it may take longer to get your results.

As your primary care provider, we will coordinate all of your medical care. Please consult our office whenever you have any questions.  We will be able to guide you regarding appropriate referral procedures and requirements, unless your Insurance plan allows you to go directly to a specialist without a prescription or referral. 

Otherwise, our physician may refer you to a specialist for treatment when medically necessary.   Furthermore, we can also help you select the proper specialist and continue to coordinate your care.  Many times follow-up care can be provided through our office.

However, if you require a specialists’ attention to have continued and ongoing care we will help arrange and simplify this for you with the cooperation of the specialist(s) office and your insurance plan.

If a referral is needed, please contact our office upon making your specialist appointment and let the referral coordinator know in a timely manner. We ask for at least a week in advance of notice, of  your appointment due to the process that has to transpire between the PCP and the insurance in order to obtain the referral 

Keep in mind at all times that referrals, are requests from physician to physician and not originated by the patient therefore, the following is needed to expedite the referral process and warrant Medical Necessity: 

  • ​​Name of Specialist/Physician (you are going to) 
  • Specialist/Physician Address, Phone and Fax Number
  • Date of Appointment
  • Previous Specialist Notes (if this is a follow up visit)
  • A Referral Request from the Specialist office (detailing any specific diagnosis and or procedures) 
  • [a referral request form is readily  available for  specialist / patient convenience to further facilitate the process]

Prescription Refills…
Please call your pharmacy and have them send us a "Fax Refill Request Form" or "Electronic Prescription Refill Request". Please do not wait until the last day of your medication to call our office.

This will ensure that you do not run out of your medication. Meanwhile, it will allow us enough time to review your request, confirm your medication, validate the dose, frequency and document your chart appropriately.

You can also utilize the Patient Portal when requiring refills on your current medications.


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